Indoor planting

Well-being and living space

Well-being and vibrant spaces are linked to satisfied employees and good dialogues with customers.

Living plants can shield workplaces, prevent privacy and divide up areas in the office landscape and walking zones. A number of studies and research show that living plants provide health benefits, reduce absenteeism and lead to increased well-being in the office, creating happy employees and higher productivity

Living plant wall
Plant walls not only serve as an aesthetic element in the interior, but they also have several functional purposes. By placing them strategically, they can dampen sound and create a quieter environment, especially in open-plan offices or busy areas. As well as being visually appealing, they also act as a form of screening, whether it's to define workspaces, separate corridors or even create more private areas for social gatherings in the wider space. 

We provide wall-mounted solutions and free-standing modules.

Plant services - a professional responsibility

Keeping plants lush and growing evenly requires
expertise. This is knowledge that our
plant managers have acquired over many years
through training, professional education and experience.

At each service visit, a service report is provided as
confirmation of maintenance performed:
- Watering, fertilising, replenishing soil and cleaning pots and plants
- Pruning and tying up, removing dead foliage
- Turning plants towards the sunlight
Checking plant health and replacing plants

if necessary

We can provide training for the customer's staff so that
they can take care of the weekly management with their own
resources, based on instructions from our plant managers and gardeners.

Exchange guarantee

A replacement guarantee is included in all our agreements. This
means that any plants that die or show clear
signs of distress will be replaced by the plant manager
free of charge.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with Katarina
Katarina Koprowska
Customer consultant for indoor planting

Phone: +47 415 14 500

Katarina is a trained product designer with experience from the gardening industry. She worked as a gardener in Oslo and a school gardener in Lørenskog.

Stefan Leffler
Landscape architect and landscape gardener

Phone: +47 992 53 995

Stefan is a trained Landscape Architect and a qualified gardener. He has been with GHL since 2000.