District heating

What is district heating?

District heating is an environmentally friendly alternative that uses hot water to transfer environmentally friendly energy. District heating is based on a closed circuit that distributes heat to the entire community.

Both new and existing buildings can be connected to district heating, and it is an advantage if they are close to the district heating network. Existing buildings should already have waterborne heating, but there are support programmes, including from Enova, which can provide support for customers who want to convert from electric heating to waterborne heating.

Why district heating?

  • Predictable heating and economy
  • Green energy contributes to a better environment, as it is short-term, renewable and CO2-neutral
  • Protecting the cultural landscape
  • The call centre is the responsibility of the district heating company, no cost for the customer
  • We burn bioenergy (wood chips)

Our district heating system

  • Established in 2020
  • Located at Rødmyr Industrial Area in Skien
  • Local ownership. The general manager and main shareholder is Roar Kjendalen
  • The plant is planned in several stages, the 1st stage is based on 6 customers
  • The energy demand is approximately 670,000 kwh per year.
  • Timber requirement is about 1,000 m3 of timber


Why is there so much smoke from the chimney/flue?

The smoke coming out of the chimney is harmless water vapour. The visibility and colour of the vapour can change as the outside temperature rises and falls.

Our energy source is mainly timber from Vik farm in Skien. We will also collect timber from other places in Grenland and contribute to the clearing of forests and field edges, plot development, clearing along roads and cutting trees for businesses, private individuals and municipalities.


Get in touch: Thomas.kristoffersen@ghlfjernvarme.no