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"By working together with nature, taking climate challenges into account and thinking preventively, we can together create societies where everyone has their natural place. Our products and services should take care of the environment and not degrade it."
Roar Kjendalen

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We have recently launched! Now you can rent quality equipment for any project. From construction equipment to gardening tools, we offer reliable rental solutions for every task. Choose GHL Rental for quality and versatility in every rental item.


Established in 2020, we ensure you predictable heating by contributing to the establishment of district heating plants that burn bioenergy (wood chips). Green energy contributes to a better environment, as it is short-term, renewable and has neutral carbon dioxide emissions. This preserves and prevents the carbon landscape from becoming overgrown, while at the same time recycling garden waste into energy.

Norwegian Erosion & Flood Protection

We want to be the first choice for discerning customers who need preventive measures for erosion, landslides and floods, clean-up of debris in the beach zone, rivers and wetlands. Landslide, flood and damage restoration after extreme weather, outdoor construction, dredging and other construction work in areas with soft and unstable ground conditions or long reach needs.