Planning, environment and landscape

Planning, environment and landscape

The planners in our Planning, Environment and Landscape department have extensive experience in the planning and design of all types of landscape projects. Our team of landscape architects and engineers work in all planning phases, from sketch projects to pre-construction drawings, often in close collaboration with clients, engineers and skilled craftsmen.

This allows us to find holistic and unique solutions that combine the aesthetic with the functional. Sustainable solutions underpin everything we do.

By working in detail on issues such as local stormwater management, biodiversity and the reuse of local materials. The development of new construction methods, materials, technical solutions and products is part of the design process.

We have built up a wide range of expertise in the field through a number of projects such as public spaces, residential developments and private gardens. In our department GHL-Plan we have over 20 years of experience and expertise in all aspects of planning, design and execution of landscape works.

Get in touch about your next project to find out more about how we can help you. Our customers see the advantage of having planners and craftsmen in the same house, which provides quality and security throughout the process.

We offer:

  • Landscape architecture and garden design
  • Engineering services
  • Design of earthworks, civil engineering, buildings and structures
  • Design of stormwater management and drainage
  • Mapping and calculation of stormwater management
  • Mapping of unwanted species and environmental registration
  • Preparation of management plans for green spaces and properties
  • Courses and lectures for private and public stakeholders
  • Building applications
  • Alert plans

Want to know more?

Contact Stefan, Roar or Sara

Stefan Leffler
Landscape architect and landscape gardener

Phone: 992 53 995

Stefan is a trained Landscape Architect and a qualified gardener. He has been with GHL since 2000.

Roar Kjendalen
General Manager

Phone: 901 64 333

Roar is a trained civil engineer, master gardener and machine operator, and has been with the company from the start in 1989.

Sara Fevang
Landscape architect

Phone: 987 66 651

Sara is a trained Landscape Architect with experience in garden design for private gardens and design of public facilities.