About us

We stand for quality

Our companies' core values are responsibility, respect and communication in order to develop a living landscape, safe and healthy living environments and jobs based on a sustainable and circular economy that works in harmony with nature. We will facilitate the preservation of resources and the exploitation of opportunities that are important instruments for the quality of life in cities and that create a framework for the everyday life of the population.

For us, our great breadth is our greatest strength. GHL Hage & Landskap is divided into three main departments: One department that works with architecture, construction and engineering, another department works with what GHL Hage & Landskap has traditionally worked with all the time; construction and landscaping. In the third department, Construction and Concrete, they have employed both concrete workers and carpenters, with separate heads of department for construction and concrete respectively.

With several landscape architects in-house, GHL Hage & Landskap is more than willing to listen to all your plans and ideas - and realise them through a pre-drawn plan process, which then provides a good basis for obtaining a good quote.

We are on schedule

GHL Gruppen has a right of complaint under the Craft Services Act of five years. We keep the time. If we promise to be finished on Friday, we are normally finished on Thursday.

Staying on budget

Many people may find us a bit too written, because we are careful and want a new signature on the change notice if the customer makes additional orders, but - the bill and deadlines always match what was on the quote, unless you have made additional choices yourself.

We have a long history

GHL Hage & Landskap was started under a different name in 1989, by Roar Kjendalen and a friend. Roar took over all the shares in 1994 and renamed the company Grenland Hage & Landskap in 1999. The company is now owned by a holding company called GHL Gruppen, which has several sub-companies - GHL Gruppen includes GHL Utleie, GHL Eiendom and Norsk Erosjon & Flomsikring. This company undertakes work on preventive measures for erosion, landslides and floods, cleaning up rubbish in the beach zone, rivers and wetlands. It also carries out construction work in areas with soft and unstable ground conditions or long reach requirements. Roar is also co-owner of GHL Fjernvarme, general manager of GHL Hage og Landskap, as well as head of the planning department.

We recruit

GHL and our departments are constantly growing. In order to meet the needs and demands of the market, we have a continuous focus on skills development, which includes regular training of our employees.

With an increasing number of assignments, we are constantly in need of more skilled professionals. We are an attractive company for apprentices, most of whom end up permanently with us and become part of our pleasant working environment.

At GHL, we are part of the jobbute.no project, which is a collaboration between upper secondary schools and the construction industry in parts of Norway. Read more at www.jobbute.no for more information or contact us if you have any questions.

We are always looking for positive and skilled people so feel free to send us an open application!

GHL Hage & Landskap AS

OrgNr: 980 670 899
Telephone number 35 50 24 25
E-mail: post@ghl.no

Postal address
Replevegen 174, 3739 Skien
Visiting address
Rødmyrjordet 24, 3735 Skien

Contact us

At GHL Hage & Landskap, we do our best to deliver on our values, which for us means respecting our fellow human beings, taking responsibility for our tasks and ensuring good communication in everything we do.

Roar Kjendalen

General Manager

+47 901 64 333

Roar is a trained civil engineer, master gardener and machine operator, and has been with the company from the start in 1989.

Ronny Falck

Head of Department GHL- Construction and Concrete

+47 906 30 799

Ronny has 30 years of experience as a carpenter and is a master builder.

Morten Kirsebom

Head of department GHL Hage & Landskap AS

906 50 535

Morten is a trained landscape gardener. He has 28 years of experience from small private jobs to large heavy projects.

Monika Aleksandra Krawczyk

Administrative Manager

+47 909 86 451

Monika has a degree in civil engineering and a master's degree in environmental engineering.

Stefan Leffler

Landscape architect and landscape gardener

+47 992 53 995

Stefan is a trained landscape architect and has a certificate as a gardener. He has been employed at GHL since 2000.

Sara Fevang

Landscape architect

+47 987 66 651

Sara is a trained Landscape Architect with experience in garden design for private gardens and design of public facilities.

Katarina Koprowska

Customer consultant for indoor planting

+47 415 14 500

Katarina is a trained product designer with experience from the gardening industry. She worked as a gardener in Oslo and a school gardener in Lørenskog.